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The diversity of forms of culture in a society composed of groups of people from many different cultural backgrounds.


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  • BG: културно многообразие
  • CS: kulturní diverzita
  • DE: kulturelle Vielfalt
  • EL: πολιτιστική ποικιλομορφία
  • EN: cultural diversity
  • ES: diversidad cultural
  • ET: kultuuriline mitmekesisus
  • FI: kulttuurinen moninaisuus / diversitetti
  • FR: diversité culturelle
  • GA: ilchineálacht chultúrtha
  • HU: kulturális sokféleség
  • IT: diversità culturale
  • LT: kultūrinė įvairovė
  • LV: kultūras daudzveidība
  • MT: Diversità kulturali
  • NL: culturele diversiteit
  • PL: różnorodność kulturowa
  • PT: diversidade cultural
  • RO: diversitate culturală
  • SK: kultúrna rozmanitosť / kultúrna diverzita
  • SL: kulturna raznolikost
  • SV: kulturell mångfald
  • NO: kulturelt mangfold (b); kulturelt mangfald (n)
  • KA: კულტურული მრავალფეროვნება
  • UK: культурне різноманіття

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1. The UNESCO Declaration on Cultural Diversity reflects the diverse and pluralist understanding of culture and defines cultural diversity in Art. 1 as follows: ‘Diverse forms of culture across time and space which is embodied in the uniqueness and plurality of the identities of the groups and societies making up humankind and is a source of exchange, innovation and creativity.’ The scope and definition agreed on in the UNESCO declaration were partly retained in the 2005 UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity (UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expression), the successive legally binding Convention, which is a landmark agreement in modern international law of culture and which sets out common rules, principles and points of reference for cultural diversity at the global level.
2. On 18 December 2006, the European Community ratified the UNESCO Convention. Preserving and promoting cultural diversity are among the Community’s founding principles: they are enshrined in the Treaty, under Art. 151, and in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union , under Art. 22.3.