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Migration and Home Affairs


A person who works as an employee or self-employed person in one EU Member State but is recognised as residing in another (neighbouring) EU Member State.


Derived by EMN from the definition of ‘cross-border workers’ by DG Taxation and Customs Union (DG TAXUD)


  • BG: трансграничен работник
  • CS: přeshraniční pracovník / příhraniční pracovník
  • DE: Grenzgänger
  • EL: διασυνοριακός εργαζόμενος / μεθοριακός εργαζόμενος
  • EN: cross-border worker
  • ES: trabajador transfronterizo
  • ET: piiriülene töötaja
  • FI: rajatyöntekijä
  • FR: travailleur transfrontalier
  • GA: oibrí trasteorann
  • HU: határ menti ingázó munkavállaló
  • IT: lavoratore frontaliero
  • LT: darbuotojas, kertantis vidaus sienas
  • LV: pārrobežu darba ņēmējs
  • MT: Ħaddiem transkonfinali / jaqsam fruntiera
  • NL: grensarbeider
  • PL: pracownik transgraniczny
  • PT: trabalhador transfronteiriço
  • RO: lucrator transfrontalier
  • SK: cezhraničný pracovník
  • SL: čezmejni delavec
  • SV: gränsarbetare
  • NO: grensependler (b); grensependlar (n)
  • KA: ტრანსსასაზღვრო მუშაკი
  • UK: транскордонний працівник


  • cross-border commuter

Related Term(s)


1. In dealing with cross-border issues a multitude of definitions for the term 'cross-border worker/commuter' exists.
2. The concept of cross-border workers covers different circumstances, depending on whether one takes the Community meaning (set out, in particular, in connection with social security) or the various definitions included in bilateral double-taxation agreements.
3. Where tax is concerned, bilateral double-taxation agreements determining the tax arrangements applicable to frontier workers use more restrictive definitions which additionally impose a spatial criterion: the fact of living and working in a frontier zone.
4. Often 'cross-border workers' and 'frontier workers' are considered as synonyms. However, cross-border workers are distinct from frontier workers to the extent that they do not necessarily work in the frontier zone of the host country.