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Migration and Home Affairs

child's best interests assessment (BIA)


An ongoing procedure undertaken in each individual case which evaluates and balances all elements necessary to make a decision in a specific situation for a specific child or group of children to ensure that such procedure gives a primary consideration to the best interests of the child (BIC).


Derived by EMN from UNHCR: Guidelines on Determining the best interest of the child, 2008


  • BG: оценка на висшия интерес на детето
  • CS: posouzení nejlepšího zájmu dítěte
  • DE: Bewertung des besten Interesses des Kindes
  • EL: καθορισμός υπέρτερου (EL) / βέλτιστου (CY) συμφέροντος του παιδιού (BID)
  • EN: child's best interests’ assessment (BIA)
  • ES: evaluación del interés superior / evaluación del interés superior del niño
  • ET: lapse parimate huvide hindamine
  • FI: lapsen edun arviointi
  • FR: évaluation de l’intérêt supérieur de l’enfant
  • GA: measúnú um am leas is fearr do leanbh
  • HU: n/a
  • IT: Valutazione del superiore interesse del minore
  • LT: geriausių vaiko interesų vertinimas
  • LV: bērna interešu novērtējums
  • MT: valutazzjoni tal-aħjar interessi tat-tfal
  • NL: beoordeling van het belang van het kind
  • PL: ocena najlepszego interesu / ocena najlepszego interesu dziecka
  • PT: avaliação do superior interesse da criança
  • RO: evaluarea interesului superior al copilului / evaluarea interesului superior
  • SK: posúdenie najlepšieho záujmu dieťaťa
  • SL: ocena največje koristi otroka
  • SV: hänsyn till barnets bästa
  • NO: n/a
  • KA: ბავშვის საუკეთესო ინტერესების შეფასება (BIA)
  • UK: оцінка найкращих інтересів дитини (ОНІ)


  • BIA
  • child's best interests assessment
  • best interests of the child assessment

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  1. The best interests assessment is part of a continuous process in which the best interests of the child (BIC) are pursued continuously as the overall goal of any interventions made on behalf of an unaccompanied or separated child. It is essential before any action affecting an individual child is taken, unless a child's best interests determination (BID) is needed. It does not require any particular formality, and should be conducted systematically in many circumstances that occur between the moment a child is identified as unaccompanied or separated or otherwise at risk, until a durable solution is implemented. The assessment can be done either alone or in consultation with others. It does not require the strict procedural safeguards of a formal determination, but staff should have the requisite skills and knowledge throughout the displacement cycle.