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Migration and Home Affairs


A change in the legal status, due to a change in the purpose of stay, of a third-country national present in EU and/or EFTA Member States, which takes place without requiring the individual to leave the State or return to their country of origin .


Derived by EMN on the basis of the EMN Focussed Study: Changes in immigration status and purpose of stay: an overview of EU Member States' approaches, 2015.


  • BG: Промяна на статута
  • CS: změna statusu nebo pobytového oprávnění
  • DE: Änderung des Rechtsstatus
  • EL: αλλαγή καθεστώτος
  • EN: change of status
  • ES: Cambio de status
  • ET: õigusliku staatuse muutmine
  • FI: oleskelulupastatuksen muutos
  • FR: changement de statut
  • GA: athrú stádais
  • HU: státuszváltozás / státuszváltás
  • IT: Cambiamento di status
  • LT: statuso keitimas
  • LV: statusa maiņa
  • MT: bdil ta' stat
  • NL: wijziging van verblijfsstatus
  • PL: zmiana statusu pobytowego
  • PT: alteração de estatuto
  • SK: zmena statusu
  • SL: sprememba statusa
  • SV: statusbyte
  • NO: endring av oppholdsgrunnlag (b); endring av opphaldsgrunnlag (n)
  • KA: სტატუსის შეცვლა
  • UK: зміна статусу


The EMN Focussed Study on 'Changes in immigration status and purpose of stay' (2015) considered changes from legal migration status (student, researcher, employee, family member), from asylum seeker status and from national statuses linked to protection (e.g. tolerated stay). It did not consider changes of status resulting from regularisations.