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In relation to conveyance (or transport), the owner or charterer of the conveyance.


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  • BG: превозвач
  • CS: dopravce
  • DE: Transportunternehmer
  • EL: μεταφορέας
  • EN: carrier
  • ES: operador de transporte
  • ET: vedaja
  • FI: liikenteenharjoittaja
  • FR: transporteur
  • GA: iompróir
  • HU: fuvarozó
  • IT: vettore
  • LT: vežėjas
  • LV: pārvadātājs
  • MT: Operatur tat-trasport
  • NL: vervoerder
  • PL: przewoźnik
  • PT: transportador
  • RO: transportator
  • SK: dopravca
  • SL: prevoznik
  • SV: transportör
  • NO: transportør
  • KA: გადამყვანი კომპანია
  • UK: перевізник


1. A carrier usually refers to an airline, bus or rail company, or cruise line. Under the laws of some States, the term includes any owner of a means of conveyance, which carries a person onto its territory.
2. The definition given in Art. 2(a) of Council Directive 2004/82/EC (API Directive) is more restrictive in that it refers explicitly to passenger transport by air and there is uncertainty as to what ‘any natural or legal person’ actually refers to, e.g. if this is the owner of the company only.