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Migration and Home Affairs


In the context of the Dublin Regulation, the phenomenon where a third-country national applies for international protection in more than one EU Member State with or without having already received international protection in one of those EU Member States.


Derived by EMN from Commission Staff Working Document SEC/2008/2029 accompanying the European Commission Communication on the policy plan on asylum, COM(2008) 360 final


  • BG: пазаруване на убежище
  • CS: spekulativní podávání žádostí o azyl
  • DE: Asyl-Shopping
  • EL: τo φαινόμενo της αναζήτησης του ευνοϊκότερου κράτους υποδοχής από τους αιτούντες άσυλο / asylum shopping
  • EN: asylum shopping
  • ES: compra de asilo
  • ET: soodsaima varjupaigariigi valimine
  • FI: turvapaikkashoppailu, edullisimman kohtelun tarjoavan maan etsintä
  • FR: no usual translation
  • GA: siopadóireacht tearmainn
  • HU: no usual translation
  • IT: shopping delle richieste di asilo
  • LT: ieškojimas, kur geriau gauti prieglobstį
  • LV: izdevīgāko patvēruma noteikumu meklēšana
  • MT: Sajda għall-ażil
  • NL: asielshoppen
  • PL: asylum shopping / no usual translation
  • PT: asylum shopping
  • RO: asylum shopping
  • SK: zneužívanie azylového systému / azylový turizmus
  • SL: Azilni šoping / kupovanje azila
  • SV: asylum shopping (ansökningar om asyl i flera länder samtidigt) / asylshopping
  • NO: asylshopping

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1. The term 'asylum-shopping' has no legal definition, but is used in an informal sense and also in Commission Communications. It is often used with a negative connotation, as it implies an abuse of the asylum procedure through the lodging of more than one application for international protection in different EU Member States (choosing the EU Member State which may grant the most appealing social, humanitarian and economic standards).
2. A second meaning understands asylum shopping as a comparison and selection of one asylum rule among several (see European University Institute: the Development of the EU Asylum Policy: Revisiting the Venue-shopping Argument )
3. Commission Staff Working Document SEC/2008/2029 provides not only some examples of what 'asylum shopping' means but also an assessment of the impacts of the Dublin system (which comprises the Regulation (EU) No 604/2013 (Dublin III Regulation) and Regulation (EU) No 603/2013 (Eurodac Regulation) and their implementing regulations).