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Migration and Home Affairs


An informal process of dialogue and cooperation bringing together countries of the two regions (27 EU Member States, two other European countries and 20 Asian countries), the European Commission and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Secretariat which addresses political, economic and cultural issues, with the objective of strengthening the relationship between the two regions, in a spirit of mutual respect and equal partnership.


Website of the ASEM


AT/DE/LU: Asien-Europa-Treffen

BG: Среща Азия-Европа

CS: Asijsko-evropské setkání

EE: Aasia-Euroopa kohtumine

ES: Conferencia Asia-Europa

FI: ASEM (Aasian ja Euroopan yhteistyöfoorumi)

FR/BE/LU: Réunion Asie-Europe

GR: Διάσκεψη Ασίας – Ευρώπης

HU: Ázsia-Európa Találkozó

IE: Cruinniú an Áise -an Eoraip

IT: Meeting Asia-Europa

LT: Azijos ir Europos susitikimas

LV: Āzijas un Eiropas sanāksme

MT: Inkontru (L-) Asja-Ewropa (IAsE)

NL/BE: ASEM (Asia Europe Meeting)

NO: ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting)

PL: ASEM (Asia Europe Meeting)

PT: Cimeira Ásia – Europa

RO: ASEM (Reuniunea Asia Europa)

SE: ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting)

SI: Azijsko - Evropski sestanek

SK: Fórum Ázia - Európa / ASEM



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1. ASEM was initiated in 1996 in Bangkok.
2. In the political field, areas of common interest include the fight against terrorism or the management of migration flows; discussions on human rights, on the protection of children, and on the impact of globalisation.
3. For more information, see: