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Migration and Home Affairs


  • Any person (individual or legal) providing effective and non-temporary protection against persecution or serious harm such as
    a) the State or
    b) parties or organisations, including international organisations, controlling the State or a substantial part of the territory of the State
  • provided they are willing and able to offer protection.



  • BG: субект на закрила
  • CS: poskytovatel ochrany
  • DE: Akteur, der Schutz bieten kann
  • EL: υπεύθυνος προστασίας
  • EN: actor of protection
  • ES: agente de protección
  • ET: kaitset tagav isik
  • FI: suojelun tarjoaja
  • FR: acteur de la protection
  • GA: gníomhaí cosanta (iolra: gníomhaithe cosanta)
  • HU: védelmet nyújtó
  • IT: soggetto responsabile della protezione
  • LT: apsaugos teikėjas
  • LV: aizsardzības dalībnieks
  • MT: Aġent responsabbli għall-protezzjoni
  • NL: actor van bescherming
  • PL: podmiot udzielający ochrony
  • PT: agente de proteção
  • RO: agent de protectie
  • SK: aktér ochrany
  • SL: subjekt zaščite
  • SV: aktörer som ger skydd
  • NO: aktører som gir beskyttelse (b); aktørar som gjev vern (n)
  • KA: დაცვის განმახორციელებელი სუბიექტი
  • UK: джерело захисту

Broader Term(s)


Such protection is generally provided when the actors mentioned under points (a) and (b) of paragraph 1 take reasonable steps to prevent the persecution or suffering of serious harm, inter alia, by operating an effective legal system for the detection, prosecution and punishment of acts constituting persecution or serious harm, and when the applicant has access to such protection.