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Migration and Home Affairs


A series of changes in cultural mores (ideas, words, values, norms, behaviour, institutions) resulting from direct and continuous contact and interaction between groups of different cultures, particularly through migratory movements or economic exchange, the media and other channels.


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  • BG: акултурация
  • CS: akulturace
  • DE: Akkulturation
  • EL: επιπολιτισμός, πολιτιστική αλληπεπίδραση
  • EN: acculturation
  • ES: aculturación
  • ET: kultuuriline kohanemine
  • FI: akkulturaatio, sopeutuminen vieraaseen kulttuuriin
  • FR: acculturation
  • GA: athchultúrú
  • HU: akkulturáció
  • IT: acculturazione
  • LT: akultūracija
  • LV: akulturācija
  • MT: Akkulturazzjoni
  • NL: acculturatie
  • PL: akulturacja
  • PT: aculturação
  • RO: aculturalizare
  • SK: akulturácia
  • SL: akulturacija
  • SV: ackulturation
  • NO: assimilasjon
  • KA: აკულტურაცია
  • UK: злиття культур


  • inculturation

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