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Migration and Home Affairs

Integrated Border Management Fund – Border Management and Visa Instrument (2021-27)

The Border Management and Visa Instrument (BMVI) is part of the Integrated Border Management Fund (IBMF), together with the Custom Control Equipment Instrument (CCEI).

IBMF is set up for the period 2021-2027 with a total of EUR 7.37 billion. The allocation reserved to BMVI corresponds to EUR 6.38 billion for the same period.

BMVI’s mission is to ensure a strong and effective European integrated border management at the Union’s external borders, ensuring a high level of internal security within the Union while safeguarding the free movement of persons within it.

The two objectives of BMVI

BMVI will contribute to the achievement of two specific objectives:

  • to support an effective European integrated border management at the external borders, implemented by the European Border and Coast Guard as a shared responsibility with the national authorities responsible for border management, to facilitate legitimate border crossings, to prevent and detect illegal immigration and cross-border crime and to effectively manage migratory movements
  • to support the common visa policy, to ensure a harmonised approach with regard to the issuance of visas and to facilitate legitimate travel, while helping to prevent migratory and security risks

Funded actions under BMVI

Actions funded through BMVI can include a wide range of initiatives, such as:

  • improving border controls, in line with the European Agenda on Migration and in compliance with the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, enhancing the cooperation at EU level for tasks carried out at borders
  • funding efficient services to visa applicants, while maintaining the security and integrity of visa procedures
  • investing in common large-scale IT systems in the area of borders management and visa policy, including in their interoperability
  • investing in infrastructure and equipment, systems and services, training, exchange of experts, deployment of immigration liaison officers, innovative solutions and new technologies, studies
  • providing operating support for the implementation of the European integrated border management and of the common visa policy

Implementation of BMVI

BMVI will be implemented under:

  • shared,
  • direct or
  • indirect management.

The largest share will be allocated to the national programmes under shared management.

Thematic Facility

Building up on the implementation of the 2014-2020 ISF-Borders and Visa instrument, the BMVI will introduce more flexibility with part of the fundingdedicated to a Thematic Facility.  With this instrument, funds can be allocated to emerging or unforeseen needs and steered towards the changing EU priorities and evolving challenges.

Funding under the Thematic Facility will be allocated during the programming period through:

  • Shared management
  • Direct/Indirect management: including Union Actions and Emergency Assistance.

Union Actions comprise Calls for proposals, procurement, direct awards and delegation agreements.

For the components of the Thematic Facility, the Commission approves Work Programmes defining the priorities and objectives:

2021-2022 Work Programme

Revised 2021-22 Work Programme (non-substantial)

Second revised 2021-22 Work Programme (non-substantial)

Revised 2021-22 Work Programme (substantial)

BMVI beneficiaries

Examples of beneficiaries of the programmes implemented under this Instrument can be:

  • constituent elements of the European Border and Coast Guard, i.e. national authorities of Member States responsible for border management
  • state and federal authorities
  • local public bodies
  • non-governmental organisations
  • international organisations
  • Union agencies
  • private and public law companies
  • networks
  • education and research organisations