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Migration and Home Affairs

EMN Migration Statistics

The EMN collects the latest available statistics from Member States across a range of migration and asylum themes during its Annual Policy Report update, which are made available in draft as early as possible in the year following the year to which they relate. These statistics inform the Commission’s Annual Reports on Immigration and Asylum. Between 2001 and 2009, the EMN also produced an Annual Report on Migration and International Protection Statistics highlighting key findings and trends.

The EMN collects statistics relating to Study Topics, selected in each EMN Work Programme, often on themes that are not harmonized through the Commission’s Eurostat and therefore not readily available. The EMN aims to ensure comparability of these statistics to the extent possible.

The EMN Bulletin makes available the latest statistics collected by the EMN and / or released via Eurostat on a regular basis.

EMN Annual Reports on Migration and International Protection Statistics to 2009 are available below.