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Migration and Home Affairs
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Call for expression of interest for expert services for technical and operational tasks related to the Schengen Information System (SIS)


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Negotiated procedure N° HOME-2016-SISII-PR-EXPT-0002

The European Commission, Directorate-General for Migration and Home-Affairs, is planning to launch a procurement procedure for a middle-value contract (not exceeding EUR 135,000) for duration of twenty four months for expert services for technical and operational tasks related to the Schengen Information System (SIS).

SIS is a large-scale information system that supports external border control and law enforcement cooperation in Europe. SIS enables competent authorities, such as police, border control and immigration authorities, to enter and consult alerts on certain categories of wanted or missing persons and objects. The operational history of SIS goes back to 1995 when the system was established within the context of the Convention implementing the Schengen Agreement. In April 2013 a second generation version (“SIS II”) with extended functionalities and alert categories was established and since May 2013 the technical functioning of the system is managed by the EU Agency for large-scale IT systems (eu-LISA).

SIS is very complex as the technical architecture and functioning must respond to operational needs while fulfilling the legal requirements and maintaining flexibility to respond new challenges. It is in particular difficult due to wide range of fields covered by SIS with regard to security and irregular migration and the automated processes introduced (PNR, API, ANPR, etc.)

The Commission is responsible for legal, policy and operational developments of the second generation of SIS. Due to the complexity of SIS stemming from the legal, operational and technical requirements of the system, the tasks require technical and operational experience as well as the thorough knowledge of the underlying legal framework on European police cooperation and immigration. In that regard the Commission needs assistance from a highly qualified expert to support further technical and operational developments of the system.

More specifically, currently the SIS legal framework is undergoing an amendment which will require the redrafting the implementing as well as the technical rules of the system. It is expected that the SIS proposals will be adopted in 2018.

Specific tasks to be performed under this contract include:

  1. Updating to the SIRENE Manual and SIRENE forms based on the introduction of the SIS Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) and any related evolution of Data Exchange between SIRENE's (DEBS). This work will also include the review of the Manual based upon the upcoming SIS legislation (to be adopted in 2018).
  2. Assessing the technical implications for SIS end-users the implementation of the functionality to search with fingerprints, in particular incorporation of crime scene finger-marks ("latent" prints") into the SIS AFIS based on the study with the Joint Research Centre.
  3. Updating SIS/SIRENE Module on CEPOL learning platform and preparation of technical and operational webinars.
  4. Providing expertise on the interaction between SIS and Interpol firearms databases (iArms).
  5. Assessing the impact of the Universal Message Format (UMF III) to SIS and making proposals for the alignment.
  6. Providing technical and operational inputs for the work carried out in the SISVIS Committee with regard the implementation of SIS.

If you are interested in this contract, please send an email, together with the filled-in reply form, in one of the official languages of the European Union, by no later than 24 April 2017 to the following functional mail box: