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B-Brussels: studies related to the implementation of the EU actionplan on chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear security


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  • HOME/2010/ISEC/PR/038-A1 - LOT N° 1: Study on the applicability of existing chemical industry safety provisions to enhancing security of chemical facilities
  • HOME/2010/ISEC/PR/038-A1 - LOT N° 2: Study on the analysis of the penal legislation concerning CBRN terrorism and acts of WMD proliferation by non-state actors
  • HOME/2010/ISEC/PR/038-A1 - LOT N° 3: Study on the feasibility of the possibility of using the delivery documentation mechanism to better understand and monitor the supply chain
  • HOME/2010/ISEC/PR/038-A1 - LOT N° 4: Study on the identification of good practices with regard to dialogue between facility security managers and law enforcement, including the topic of providing security advice
  • HOME/2010/ISEC/PR/038-A1 - LOT N° 5: Study on the implementation of the IAEA Guidance on the Import and Export of Radioactive Sources by the EU Member States and on the need and feasibility to draw up common EU criteria for authorising imports and exports from and to third countries
  • HOME/2010/ISEC/PR/038-A1 - LOT N° 6: Study on the current status of radioactive sources in the EU, on the origin and the consequences of the loss of control over radioactive sources and on successful strategies concerning the detection and recovery of orphan sources
  • HOME/2010/ISEC/PR/038-A1 - LOT N° 7: Study on transport patterns of radioactive sources
  • HOME/2010/ISEC/PR/038-A1 - LOT N° 8: Stocktaking study on good practices on reporting of suspicious transactions in relation to CBRN materials
  • HOME/2010/ISEC/PR/038-A1 - LOT N° 9: Study on the availability of high-risk chemicals to the general public and in particular on the specific risks associated with trade of chemicals over the internet
  • HOME/2010/ISEC/PR/038-A1 - LOT N° 10: Stocktaking study on good practices in CBRN transport security

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