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Targeted Call for Proposals 2011 (INT, FINEC, THB, CBRN, Cross border law enforcement cooperation, Operational law enforcement cooperation and RAD)

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Data de publicação
06 dezembro 2016
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Fase única


Applicants for the ISEC 2011 7 targeted Call for Proposals are strongly urged not to wait until the last day, which falls on a Monday (14.00 CET), to apply. In case of technical difficulties with uploading all the required documents, please note that the PRIAMOS helpdesk does not work during weekends. It is not possible to upload applications after the deadline.

Targeted Call for Proposals 2011

  1. Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear materials CBRN deadline 17 October 2011 [Expired call]
  2. Radicalisation leading to terrorism and the role of victims of terrorism in preventing radicalisation RAD deadline 17 October 2011 [Expired call]
  3. Cross border law enforcement cooperation particularly in the access to and exchange of information through the implementation of the principle of availability through the Prüm Decisions and the 'Swedish Initiative' deadline 17 October 2011 [Expired call]
  4. Operational law enforcement cooperation, including Customs cooperation, and Joint Investigation Teams JIT-deadline 17 October 2011 [Expired call]
  5. Trafficking in Human Beings THB deadline 24 October 2011 [Expired call]
  6. Illegal use of Internet INT deadline 24 October 2011 (Corrigendum) [Expired call]
  7. Financial and Economic Crime FINEC deadline 24 October 2011 [Expired call]

Documents for the Targeted Calls for Proposals

Reporting documents