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Call for proposals restricted to framework partners 2009


Publication date
06 December 2016
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Deadline: 17/07/2009

I) Latest developments

  • 19/01/2009: Corrigendum: Updated documents under the call for proposals RESTRICTED FOR FRAMEWORK PARTNERS 2009. The following form was updated for the call for proposals restricted for framework partners 2009:
    • Partnership declaration (formatting corrected)

    Applicants are requested to use the updated forms when submitting proposals.

  • 22/12/2008: Corrigendum: Amended text of the 2009 call for proposals restricted to framework partners.
    A new version of the 2009 call for proposals restricted to framework partners has been published. The only change in comparison to the old version is an addition of the following priority:
    Activities aiming at joint studies of anti-corruption practitioners of the EU as well as of practitioners of relevant authorities in countries of the Western Balkans and the New European Neighbourhood using an interdisciplinary approach for knowledge transfer, especially from science to practice, in the field of anti-corruption.
  • 17/12/2008: Call for proposals restricted to framework partners 2009
  • 17/12/2008: The deadlines for submission of applications are: 16 February 2009 and 17 July 2009. The two deadlines of this Call should be regarded as two separate calls for proposals for which two separate award decisions will be adopted. Therefore the award of grants for proposals submitted for the second deadline is subject to the availability of funds.
    Please note that the applications have to be submitted electronically via the PRIAMOS system. The call itself will be accessible in the beginning of next year. However in order to be able to download all the necessary documents you have to be registered in PRIAMOS as an applicant. Please note that registration process may take up to 15 days. Therefore it is recommended to start registration process before the call is accessible. It remains the applicant's responsibility to register in PRIAMOS in due time. Links to PRIAMOS can be found on page 7 of the call for proposals.

II) Documents

III) Reporting documents

IV) Reports