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Migration and Home Affairs
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Call for proposals "Preventing radicalisation to terrorism and violent extremism" (HOME/2014/ISF/AG/RADX)


Дата публікації
06 Грудень 2016
Модель закінчення
Дата закінчення


Deadline for submission of applications: 12/02/2015 (12:00 CET) (deadline extended on 28/01/2015; previous deadline was 5/02/2015)

Application Package

The Application Form and all templates of the Application Package can be downloaded from PRIAMOS under the call reference HOME/2014/ISF/AG/RADX.

Applications to this Call for Proposals have to be submitted electronically via the PRIAMOS system. Applicants are strongly urged not to wait until the last day to apply. It is not possible to upload applications after the deadline.

Question and Answers

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