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Call for proposals "Community actions" 2009


Дата на публикуване
6 Декември 2016 г.
Модел на крайния срок
На един етап
Краен срок
18 Декември 2009 г., 01:00 ч. (CET)


Deadline: 18/12/2009

I) Latest developments

  • 19/11/2009: Corrigendum to the European Refugee Fund Community actions 2009 call for proposals
    Point 7.1 of the text of the call shall read as follows:
    Respect the deadline set for the call. The applications must be submitted at the latest on 18 December 2009.
    Point 11 of the text of the call shall read as follows:
    Applications must be sent to the address given below by 18 December 2009.
    Applications must be submitted in a sealed envelope/package by registered mail, courier service or by hand-delivery at the address below.
    The envelope must be clearly marked:
    "Application under the European Refugee Fund 2008-2013 - Community Actions - Call 2009".
    By registered mail or by courier service:
    European Commission
    DG Justice, Freedom and Security
    Unit B4
    LX 46, 2/126
    By hand-delivery:
    European Commission
    Central Mail Department (Registered post)
    Att: DG Justice, Freedom and Security
    Unit B4
    Avenue du Bourget, 1
    B-1140 Brussels (Evere)
    If sent by registered mail or by courier service, the application must be posted or dispatched not later than 18 December 2009 (as evidenced by the postmark on the envelope or by the date of the deposit slip attached to the envelope).
    If hand delivered (in person or by an authorised representative), the application must be delivered to the European Commission's Central Mail Department no later than 16:00 (Brussels time) on 18 December 2009; in which case a receipt must be obtained as proof of submission, signed and dated by the official who took delivery.
    Any application sent, dispatched or hand delivered after the deadline or to the wrong address will not be accepted.
  • 29/09/2009: Call for proposals "Community actions" 2009

II) Documents

III) Reporting documents

IV) Reports